• Crossing the Line Sep 1, 2011

    BNDES has made a habit of supporting consolidation to create national champions. But was its attempt to wade into the fight between Carrefour and Casino a miscalculation?

  • Overblown Bubbles Sep 1, 2011

    Fears of a credit bubble in Brazil may be overblown. Loan growth remains robust but it is slowing as central bank measures kick in.

  • Something Real Sep 1, 2011

    Reasons to buy global real-denominated bonds abound, but will risk aversion scare foreign investors away from this asset class? Yields may be too tempting to resist.

    • AMX Lands Second CHF Aug 31, 2011

      After much speculation about a possible...

    • Moody’s Takes KOF to A2 Aug 31, 2011

      Moody’s upgraded Coca-Cola FEMSA (KOF) to...

      • Latin Lifeline Sep 1, 2011

        Faced by slow growth at home, Spanish and Portuguese companies want to hold on to valuable LatAm assets. But in times of distress these are also the easiest to sell.

      • Safe-Haven Status Sep 1, 2011

        Mexico’s sovereign local currency debt has never been more popular, but this has done little to help further develop the local corporate debt markets.

      • Turning the Corner Sep 1, 2011

        The Dominican Republic is on a path to recovery as FDI flows increase and more investors buy its debt in the local and international bond markets. Will politics ruin the party?

        • Drogarias Sao Paulo, Pacheco to Merge Aug 31, 2011

          The consolidation in Brazil’s drug store...

        • Chilean Port Plans Rights Offer Aug 30, 2011

          Chilean port operator Puerto de Lirquen...

          • End of an Era? Sep 1, 2011

            Brazil’s economy has had a good run, but analysts are readying themselves for tougher times ahead. Can the government and monetary authorities make a difference?

          • Restricted Success? Sep 1, 2011

            Brazilian local bond volumes are soaring as issuers swarm to file rule 476 offerings that make deals easier and faster for listed and non-registered issuers alike.

          • Taming the Beast Sep 1, 2011

            With inflation the main challenge, several banks drew positive reviews for their efforts in the past year, with Colombia narrowly leading the way. However, Brazil continues to frustrate markets

            • Banco do Brasil Sends out RFPs Aug 31, 2011

              Banco do Brasil has sent out...

            • Pemex Ups Stake in Repsol Aug 31, 2011

              Pemex plans to raise its position...

              • Keeping the Best on Board Sep 1, 2011

                Brazilian investment bankers are seeing upward wage pressures abate as newcomers enter the marketplace. But veteran players can still command top dollar.

              • Running for Cover Sep 1, 2011

                Mexico’s Congress looks set to pass covered bond legislation. The move will create a whole new asset class for the local market and may rejuvenate mortgage funding.

              • Tough Talk Sep 1, 2011

                Trinidad’s tough-talking energy minister is powering change in the vital energy sector. Can he bolster production levels and help the sluggish economy?

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