• Chile's CB Sees Higher Inflation Sep 1, 2005

    Chile's central bank said inflation will...

  • High Expectations Sep 1, 2005

    With the bottom falling out of agricultural markets, Caribbean governments are now being forced to diversify their economies and get serious about economic integration.

  • National Strength Sep 1, 2005

    A decade after the Tequila Crisis, Mexico's banks are lending again and the capital markets are blossoming. Future development will depend on next year's elections.

  • Taking it to the Next Level Sep 1, 2005

    Colombia's Santo Domingo Group became a player in the global beer market by trading Bavaria for a stake in SABMiller. Bavaria's minority holders got a sweet deal too.

  • Capital Intensive Sep 1, 2005

    Mexico's Carlos Slim is locked in a spending war with Spain's Telefónica to dominate Latin American telecommunications. Will the winner take all?

  • Domestic Bliss Sep 1, 2005

    Brazil's equity and bond markets are recovering at an impressive rate, but growth can't continue much longer without some serious reforms.

  • Lonely Lula Sep 1, 2005

  • Shipping Out Sep 1, 2005

    Trans-Pacific trade has overwhelmed US ports. Shippers looking for alternative routes to the US market are beginning to look at Mexico.

    • Katrina's Damage Sinks In Aug 31, 2005

      The price of crude oil rose...

      • Cashing In Sep 1, 2005

        Brazilian businesses complain about banks' high lending rates and record profits. But banks say their reward should be commensurate with the risks they are taking.

      • Heading Downstream Sep 1, 2005

        Soaring oil and gas prices are pounding Caribbean economies. But Trinidad & Tobago, the region's largest producer of gas and oil, is flying high.

      • Market Development Sep 1, 2005

        Mexico's financial markets are growing, and experts say not even the run-up to next year's presidential election will disrupt confidence.

      • Sun, Sand and Sports Sep 1, 2005

        The Caribbean is selling itself to sports fans, starting with cricket. Governments are already spending millions to prepare for the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

        • Shell Invests in Brazil Aug 31, 2005

          Royal Dutch/Shell will invest $200 million...

          • Brazil's Big Oilman Sep 1, 2005

            José Sérgio Gabrielli, the new president of Petrobras, the Brazilian national oil company, says what will remain the same and what will change under his command.

          • China's Call Sep 1, 2005

            China revalued its currency, the renminbi, in July. Joydeep Mukherji, director at Standard & Poor's, explains its long-term effect on Latin America.

          • Kings and Queens Sep 1, 2005

            LatinFinance has compiled its second annual ranking of the 50 most powerful and influential people in Latin America and the Caribbean, spanning business, politics, government, academia and even pop culture.

          • On the Edge of the Abyss Sep 1, 2005

            The past two years have seen two presidents run out of office in Bolivia. Will next year bring the overthrow of another?

          • Taking on the Barons Sep 1, 2005

            Mexican companies talk a good game, but in most sectors only two or three companies still dominate their business. But Mexico is revitalizing its anti-trust efforts.

          • Caribbean Dreams Sep 1, 2005

            Venezuela's Petrocaribe aims to help the Caribbean cope with rising oil prices. But with payments deferrable for 25 years, someone's going to be left holding the bag.

          • Endesa Reveals Chile Plans Sep 1, 2005

            Spanish power company Endesa plans to...

          • Looking Beyond the Horizon Sep 1, 2005

            Vast oil wealth has made Trinidad & Tobago the Caribbean's financial center, but limited opportunities at home are driving banks offshore.

          • Slaughtering the Sacred Cow Sep 1, 2005

            Mexico's national oil company loses money hand over fist and is leveraged to the hilt. It needs major reform urgently.

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