• Out There Jul 1, 2004

    Argentina's creditors complain that President Néstor Kirchner and Roberto Lavagna, his economy minister, act as if they are living on another planet.

  • People Jul 1, 2004

    • Deals May 26, 2004

    • Fine-Tuning Market Debt May 26, 2004

      Mexico carried out a landmark global-for-global bond exchange in April. Andrés Conesa, head of public credit, says the deal saved money, improved investor relations and will help the sovereign price future bond issues more efficiently.

    • Going Global, At Last May 26, 2004

      After seven years of being restricted to investing in Mexican bonds, the country's pension funds can now put their assets into equities and foreign securities.

    • People May 26, 2004

      • Another Wake Up Call Apr 29, 2004

        Politicians again are demanding that Mexico's banks lend more. As the pressure mounts, consumer finance companies are steam-rolling into the market.

      • Branching Beyond Home Markets Apr 29, 2004

        Caribbean banks are looking for scale as they assume more aggressive pan-regional strategies. Trinidadian players are leading the pack.

      • Flavor of the Month Apr 29, 2004

        Argentina is coming in from the cold and investment is trickling back into the country. That still won't help the government's angry bondholders much.

      • New Rules and Proven Programs Apr 29, 2004

        Brazil and Mexico have chosen different approaches to deal with looming electricity shortages. The outcome of their plans will have far-reaching consequences.

      • Playing Hard to Get Apr 29, 2004

        América Móvil waited years to issue its first international bond. When the Mexican cellphone company finally went to the market, plenty of investors wanted a piece of the action.

      • Return of the Big Spenders Apr 29, 2004

        Signs of recovery in Brazil are luring deep-pocketed European investors back to the region, ready to splurge billions on Latin American companies.

      • The Killer Instinct Apr 29, 2004

        Three buccaneers have made a fortune by handing over Brazil's AmBev to Belgium's Interbrew, but few other shareholders profited much from the deal.

      • The Power of Pidiregas Apr 28, 2004

        Mexico's off-balance sheet financing scheme got the massive El Cajón dam project underway.

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