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Mexico expresses skepticism over US border tax

Feb 14, 2017

Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo says he has not seen widespread agreement among Trump advisors on a proposal to tax Mexican imports

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Mexico Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo has expressed skepticism the Trump administration intends to act on a proposal to tax imports from Mexico.

Guajardo, who has been meeting with US officials to discuss trade issues between the two countries, said the issue does not appear to enjoy widespread support among Trump’s staff.

"I have spoken with many of the president’s advisors and I haven’t found any uniformity in the thinking in terms of a tax on imports," he told reporters in Mexico City. "I’m not certain it will end up in the proposal."

Trump has vowed to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), under which Mexico sends 80% of its exports to the US. Some House Republicans have put forward a proposal that would impose a 20% tax on Mexican imports to the US, an idea White House officials have suggested could be a way to pay for Trump’s plan to build a wall on the US-Mexico border.

Trump has not publicly mentioned the wall after he spoke with President Enrique Peña Nieto during an hour-long telephone call last month. The Mexican government said at the time the two leaders agreed to hold off on making public comments about the wall while the two countries hold talks on trade, security and other issues.

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  • Victor H Damm Mar 3, 2017

    NAFTA has benefit the three members in northamerica much more than the costs on different areas of the economies. Just look at the trade between the US and Mexico, 1 million dollars per minute. Let me give you an example: At the beginning Mexican corns farms could not compete with Iowa's farms so they had to change or go broke. Today Mexico buys corn from the US and part of Iowa's economy depends on thouse purchases from Mexico. Apparently there was a looser and a winner, but if you see things as a pertners through NAFTA the group became more competitive producing corn in Iowa than in Mexico. You have to focus on Northamerca against ither worl groups like European Union or others. Mexico is competitive in producing manufacture goods of certain complexity and the US is better in high tec products. But as a whole together we'll do better.

  • greg Feb 25, 2017

    Ask yourself this question. What would Mexico do if it allowed the poorest nations south of itself to come into its country and take away its sovereignty. You as all humans would do is complain and build itself a wall. As humans we will always try to protect ourselves. just look at the reply's to this article. This has been festering for over 70 years or so. I think when you go into a store and see that what use to be made in U.S is now made in China, people will and have said enough of the globalism that has been built. I think if it wasn't for globalism we would not be reacting the way we are right now. But China is not on our border and so we as a sovernt country will stand up to globalism and sorry to our southern friends this is not about your country its about stopping the destruction of a country from allowing the globalists, allowing no borders and the building of a one world government, to destroy our country. I think that people need to wake up and start pulling the veil back and ask themselves if they really want this type of world. The elite do not care about immigration or the children they only care about making slaves out of the people. They want a world economy and world currency and a one world religion. They will say this system will end poverty and end wars and bring peace to mankind. So I think in stead of crying and calling Trump names maybe the topic is what is going on behind the current elite of the world.

  • Anne Rota Feb 25, 2017

    My personal apology to all of Mexico and to those on this side. Trump is a hateful viscious monster and a menace to us all. Anyone with 2 brain cells knows it's a ridiculous idea. He's just a giant jerk!

  • Robert Brackney Feb 18, 2017

    Forget it. You can CRAM your wall. As long as there is a two-billion-dollar-a-year demand for drugs in the U.S., they will continue to find their way in - around, under, over, even THROUGH any wall. El Chapo may be in custody in New York but his cartel is still doing business as usual. We here in Mexico can - and by God, I hope we WILL - knock down any wall faster than those bastards can put it up.

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