Deal Pipeline

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Issuer Size (m) Due
Corpbanca COP3trn
PEI COP500bn 1-30years
Kiruna COP1trn
Issuer Size (m) Deal type
Javer MXN3bn-5bn IPO
Telefonica Brasil BRL15.8bn FO
Unifin TBC
Issuer Size (m) Type
Fibria $180m tap
Fibria $190m tap
Fibria $130m tap
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Deal Database

View: Bonds Equity Loans

Issuer Size (m) Due
BancoEstado UF2m 2046
Locamerica BRL100m 2020
Santander UF3m 2025
Santander CLP50bn 2020
Movistar UF2m 2020
Tanner UF1m 2036
Tanner UF1m 2020
Argentina $1.08bn 2017
Inmuebles Carso MXN4bn 2025
Banco Ripley UF1.3m 2020
Issuer Size (m) Deal type
Pampa Energia $86m FO
AES Gener $147m Block Trade
Metalurgica Gerdau BRL900m 476 FO
Volaris $171m FO
Hochschild Mining $105m Rights Offering
Valid Solucoes BRL396m 476 FO
Nemak MXN11.9bn IPO
Globant $113.95m FO
FibraShop MXN1.97bn Rights
Rassini MXN1.3bn FO
Issuer Size (m) Type
Empresa de Transmision Electrica $100m
Internacional de Ceramica $115m
Peru $300m
Colombia $400m
Argentina $200m
Vale $2bn
Honduras $145m
Inmobiliaria Carso EUR300m
Nayarit MXN2.9bn
Infrastructure company Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios $144m term
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League Tables

View: Debt Equity M&A Fees

Bank Value (m) Deals
Bank of America-Merrill Lynch 12,723 47
Citi 11,770 73
HSBC 10,452 52
Bank Value (m) Deals
Deustche Bank 1,797 2
Barclays 1,709 1
Bank of America-Merrill Lynch 1,151 5
Advisor Value (m) Deals
BTG Pactual 17,696 31
Rothschild 14,517 10
Credit Suisse 14,133 15
Bank Revenue (m) Share (%)
JPMorgan 82 9.00
Credit Suisse 78 8.60
Deutsche Bank 69 7.60
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