Deal Pipeline

View: Bonds Equity Loans

Issuer Size (m) Due
Banco Hipotecario $400m
Cerro de Aguila
Iguatemi BRL250m 2024
Issuer Size (m) Deal type
Invex Fibra E IPO
Camil Alimentos IPO
Pampa Energia $500m Convertible securities
Issuer Size (m) Type
Minera Chinalco $200m SynLoan
Petrobras $1bn Syndicated
Vale $2bn Revolving Syndicated
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Deal Database

View: Bonds Equity Loans

Issuer Size (m) Due
Fibra Shop MXN1.6bn 2027
Fibra Shop MXN1.4bn 2022
Atlantida $150m 2022
Santander Chile $100m 2020
Codelco $1.25bn 2047
Codelco $1.5bn 2027
Atento $400m 2022
Banco de Bogota $600m 2027
Banco General $550m 2027
Metro de Panama $619m 2022
Issuer Size (m) Deal type
Omega Geracao BRL734m IPO
IRB Brasil Re BRL2bn IPO
Biotoscana BRL1.34bn IPO
Atacadao BRL5.6bn IPO
BBVA Frances $345m F/O
Fibra Terrafina MXN4.83bn F/O
Banco Macro $666m F/O
BR Properties BRL952.93m 476 F/O
Azul BRL1.79bn IPO
BanBajio MXN7.64bn IPO
Issuer Size (m) Type
Aela Energia $410m Syndloan
GE/YPF $220m Syndicated
Elementia $1.9bn Synloan
GyM $311m Synloan
Intursa $60m Bilat
Ternium $1.5bn Syn Loan
Tigo PYG420bn Loan
Sojitz $67.4m ECA loan
MSU $230m SynLoan
Terna $25m Loan
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League Tables

View: Debt Equity M&A Fees

Bank Value (m) Deals
JPMorgan 61,775 53
Santander 60,623 92
Citi 58,472 94
Bank Value (m) Deals
Morgan Stanley 1,471 7
JPMorgan 1,377 4
Santander 1,152 10
Advisor Value (m) Deals
Itau BBA 32,684 46
BAML 28,730 16
Bradesco BBI 23,388 27
Bank Revenue (m) Share (%)
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